Jiffy FURNI Range

Jiffy's FURNI Range are designed specifically to protect items large and small, modern and antique, from knocks, scuffs and vibration. It is water resistant and re-useable providing the utmost in quality which means more protection for items you pack, ship and store.

FURNI-Guard comprises of small bubble laminated to a LDPE film on one side and simulated paper on the other. Offering increased strength, puncture resistance and cushioning protection when compared to regular bubble or paper blankets.

FURNI-Soft combines all the protective qualities of FURNI-Guard with an extra gental, non-abrasive woven polypropylene layer.

Product Code Size (mm) Length (m) Description
JFS12 1200 100 Furnisoft Bubble Laminate
JFG12 1200 100 Furniguard Bubble Laminate