Moving house can be stressful and when it comes to your possessions it can be worrying. Do not risk your life possessions, kids toys or valuable antiques with flimsy tired old boxes. Unlike some suppliers we only supply double wall cartons in our home movers bundles ensuring strong durable boxes that won't let you down.

Product Small Medium Large Extra Large
Price £32.99 + VAT £44.99 + VAT £69.99 + VAT £89.99 + VAT
12x9x9 Double Wall Boxes 2 4 5 10
18x12x12 Double Wall Boxes 8 10 15 20
18x18x18 Double Wall Boxes 4 6 10 15
24x18x18 Double Wall Boxes 2 4 6 10
Bubble Wrap 300mm x 100mm 500mm x 100mm 500mm x 100mm 750mm x 100mm
White Packing Paper 5Kg 5Kg 5Kg 10Kg
Packing Tape 1 Roll 2 Rolls 4 Rolls 6 Rolls
Marker Pen 1 1 1 1
Price £32.99 + VAT £44.99 + VAT £69.99 + VAT £89.99 + VAT

All products included in these plans include: Heavy Duty Double Wall Cartons/Boxes, 100m Lengths of Bubble Wrap and 48mm x 66m Packing Tape

Also get a Free ream of Tissue Paper with the Large and Extra Large Plans for all those Fragile items.