Some say a box is a box. Well not really, when it comes to ordering something online and having it delivered those people will quickly change their mind when they see a soggy, punctured cardboard sludge. Do it right and get a Nice Package Carton, which will maintain shape and protect its inside. Available in a range of sizes.

Whether the contents of you packages are valuable or not you want to ensure it arrives at your customers door in the condition you sent it in. Make very effort your customer is happy with their delivery and Guarantee it was well protected by inner packaging cushioning such as Bubble Wrap, Foam Rolls or those little 'Wotsit' things!

Seal your packages with the confidence they remain that way keeping its innards in the best condition thanks to specialist tapes that blockade wet damp and dusty conditions and preserves warmth or dry. Using modern and fit for purpose tape adds assurance of properly packaged deliveries to the standard people expect to receive.

For the slightly more bulky and sizeable things that need to be on a pallet due to size or quantity. Pallet wrap is the best way to protect and incase everything within a pallet without risk of any damage. Nice Package's packaging always looks good but we'll also never shy away from the BIG stuff.

We stock a range of widths from 5mm to 12mm, in a variety of colours, thicknesses and breaking strengths. Our stock includes straps made from Polypropylene, Polyester & Steel each with their unique advantages, choosing the correct material for you at the higest quality from Nice Package and keeping those costs Nice and Low. 

Polyehtene is an extremely versatile material and when used to create bags the possibilties are endless. We stock bags for all purposes and intensity of requirement, for example from us you can get standard bags, tubing used as air cushions and different grades of rubble sacks and  even more.

For all your more regular sized postage or simple non commercial packaging needs, but no less of a Nice Package. We have reliable strong materials used in the manufacturing of our bubble lined envelopes and mailing bags. Postal tubes are the ideal solution for long shaped objects or important documents, posters etc.

We offer special bundles based on moving house so that you can get all the necessary items to package up everything from the old house including the kitchen sink! Using only high quality products - durable and strong materials that ensure your possessions are well protected throughout their journey to your new home.